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QuantX Labs unveils RavensNest

Posted October 13, 2023

“RavensNest is a place where ideas take flight, and inventions are translated into capability”

One of South Australia’s fastest-growing deep-tech start-up companies, QuantX Labs, has today launched a breakthrough concept in Defence innovation.

QuantX has built a collaborative workspace named, RavensNest, that occupies the first floor of the Space_Lab building within Adelaide’s innovation precinct, Lot Fourteen. RavensNest was opened today by Australia’s Chief Defence Scientist Professor Tanya Monro and the South Australian Premier the Hon Peter Malinauskas MP.

This new facility, a capability accelerator, will super-charge South Australia’s defence innovation ecosystem by allowing defence companies to work hand-in-glove with defence researchers, University researchers and the Australian Defence Force. The environment is designed to ensure that transformative technologies will be fast-tracked from research through to sovereign capability, answering the most urgent problems for defence by harnessing complementarity between the partners as well as delivering focus, scale and a can-do culture.

RavensNest, is named for the intelligent and quick Australian raven, especially the way that they work closely co-operatively in a team to achieve more than could be achieved individually.  This dynamic and collaborative precinct will provide the nurturing environment to ensure that ideas and inventions will take flight by drawing the best from all participants.

Currently housing staff from DST Group, Australia’s premier defence science arm, University of Adelaide researchers and QuantX Labs, we see this as the start of a very exciting development.  We welcome like-minded partners and collaborators to join us on this journey.

RavensNest is aligned with the vision of the Defence Strategic Review and the new Australian Strategic Capability Accelerator, where industry and government share the risk associated with innovating new technologies.

Critically, over the longer term, all partners in RavensNest have a commitment to see the cutting-edge technologies developed within the facility will also find their way into civilian products making everyone’s lives better.

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