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01_Giving gig workers a platform for change

A movie script, a great speech, or lessons learned from your parents or a mentor, learn what inspired this founder to start up.

02_How innovation districts are changing the course of Australia’s future

Boundless caught up with the powerhouse behind Lot Fourteen, Di Dixon, to get an exclusive look into its progress and a new piece of work she’s lea...

03_Walking within Kuri Kurru

This NAIDOC Week, Lot Fourteen’s new open space honours the first culture and peoples of place (Kaurna Meyunna).

04_Is your workplace psychologically safe?

UniSA’s Professor Michelle Tuckey, has made it her mission to understand the psychosocial aspects of how work environments influence wellbein...

05_Smooth Generator - the mini turbine packing a big punch

ecoJet Engineering’s mission to revolutionise energy supply in the battlefield and beyond.

06_Their first career steps in space, cyber, defence and hi-tech sectors

If you’re wondering how to get into the space sector or become a cyber security professional we’ve got you.

07_Global Infrastructure Leader sets its sights on green hydrogen

From a 15km long metro in Brazil, to an iconic cable-stayed bridge in the Philippines, Acciona has a presence in more than 40 countries and a turno...

08_Breakthrough research predicting movements of ocean’s apex predators

Sharks, satellites and artificial intelligence have come together in a world-first aimed at predicting the risk of a shark attack.

09_Beating the Hackers

How three aussie initiatives are tackling cyber risk at the source.

10_Breakthrough Technologies in 2024

From the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of our galaxy see which technologies are impacting and changing the world for the better.

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