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Premier opens Myriota Habitat

Posted June 12, 2024

The Moon to Mars initiative was celebrated at the unveiling of the Myriota Habitat at Lot Fourteen by Premier of South Australia, Peter Malinauskas today.

Myriota, the telco for global field intelligence, has announced a $1.5 million investment from the Australian Space Agency’s Moon to Mars Initiative Demonstrator Mission Grants.

The funding will support the development of a compact, low-cost communications payload. The payload will provide resilient, flexible and scalable radio communications in off-world environments.

Enrico Palermo, Head of the Australian Space Agency, said the project is expected to drive further job growth and expand sovereign capabilities.

“This project is another example of how Australian innovation can contribute to global space missions, while ultimately enhancing the critical technologies that can improve lives here on Earth,” Mr Palermo said.

“This is an investment in more than just the development of a new payload for space – it’s an investment in the Aussie ingenuity and capability that is essential for a Future Made in Australia, delivering space-enabled intelligence to improve outcomes for sectors impacted by climate change including agriculture.”

Myriota also unveiled the Habitat, an immersive experience centre, showcasing advanced IoT solutions addressing critical challenges such as water scarcity, CO2 emissions, and infrastructure resilience.

Visitors can engage directly with the technologies, which utilise Myriota’s satellite connectivity for agriculture, asset, pipeline and water monitoring.

The Myriota Habitat serves both as a demonstration site and operational hub, highlighting the power of local collaboration in South Australia and beyond.

By bringing together integrators, manufacturing partners, end-users, and STEM students, it showcases how partnerships can elevate local innovations to global solutions.

“Myriota was amongst the cohort of the first tenants populating Lot Fourteen as it was first established,” stated Diane Dixon, Lot Fourteen State Project Lead. “The launch of the Myriota Habitat helps amplify our state’s technological and STEM capabilities, supports the creation of more jobs and reinforces our leadership in innovation.”

“Myriota is a great example of how Lot Fourteen businesses are building groundbreaking solutions that are successfully exported on the global stage.”

Ben Cade, CEO of Myriota, highlighted the company’s journey from a local, ground breaking research initiative to a global IoT leader.

“The Myriota Habitat launch is a milestone that underscores our commitment to technologies that benefit humanity,” he stated.

“This centre unites a diverse ecosystem of partners, reinforcing the collaborative spirit essential to our growth. This year, we expanded to 70 team members and contributed $15 million to South Australia’s economy, showcasing our significant impact in the tech sector.”

IoT-driven field intelligence is transforming Australia’s economic landscape, with solutions across industries projected to increase productivity significantly. In agriculture, smart farms are poised to deliver annual benefits of $22 billion by enhancing crop and livestock yields, reducing wastage and livestock mortality, and optimising operational processes. These advancements not only demonstrate the potential of IoT to revolutionise sectors but also highlight South Australia’s innovation hubs as crucial drivers of technological progress and economic growth.

Explore the future of field intelligence with Myriota. Visit to learn how cutting-edge IoT solutions are setting new standards in sustainability and tech innovation.

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