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Made to order: Adelaide’s MyVenue changing the global game in point of sale systems

Posted June 1, 2022

An SA-designed point of sale system is proving a growing success in stadiums throughout Australia and the US – and there are big plans for further growth in airports and clubs.

By George Jankovic, Future Adelaide intern

MyVenue developer Angus Juers with chief executive officer Tim Stollznow at the company’s Lot Fourteen office. Picture: Russell Millard

On the eve of MyVenue’s pilot run at Adelaide Oval in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic hit and things didn’t look good for the sports and entertainment sector.

Fast forward to the recent Miami Grand Prix, when 100,000 visitors purchased food and drinks through the company’s SA-designed point of sale system, and it’s all cylinders firing.

“It takes people with the right vision and constitution to get to this point,” chief executive Tim Stollznow says.

Based at Stone & Chalk, part of Adelaide’s Lot Fourteen innovation district, it’s home to their 10-strong development team, which has more than 30 employees across the globe.

The MyVenue point of sale system in operation during the Miami Grand Prix. Picture: Supplied.

Stollznow and his team have just returned from the Miami event, where they delivered on-the-ground support at the Hard Rock Stadium for May’s Grand Prix.

“You’re standing for their national anthem and they roll out an American flag the size of the average Australian housing block,” Stollznow says. “They’re eating food bought on a POS system that was designed in little old Adelaide … it’s a pretty special feeling.”

MyVenue prides itself on the resilience of its system, which can process orders even when offline. This saved the day at Miami when part of the system network failed.

“Stadiums have about 90 minutes to make 80 per cent of their revenue,” he explains. “If you’re in the middle of the Super Bowl and can’t take card payments, you can lose millions of dollars in a very short time.”

MyVenue chief executive officer Tim Stollznow with developer Angus Juers. Picture: Russell Millard

Having broken into the US market with major NFL partnerships, Stollznow says the company is innovating in a space that hadn’t moved with the times.

He said relocating to Stone & Chalk in 2020 allowed them to capitalise on its youth-driven start-up ecosystem, describing it as a high-energy place where people like coming to work.

University student Angus Juers, 23, landed his first coding job at MyVenue.

“There are always people reaching out,” he says of Stone & Chalk’s work environment.

“The team here make the effort to know each person, so when you’re looking for a particular skillset, they know where to direct you.”

Stollznow wants to see MyVenue everywhere, from airports to bars and clubs.

To do this, he says the company needs both developers and those with industry experience in hospitality.

The team is aiming to expand their phone app, which allows users to pay remotely and collect from the venue’s kiosk.

“We’re in an incredibly agile industry, and we’re moving very quickly.”

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