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High growth tech companies find new home at Lot Fourteen’s TechCentral

Posted May 3, 2023

Tech companies, Teamgage, HutSix and Versent are celebrating new digs at Lot Fourteen, each with their own story of rapid growth.

The three hi-tech companies have relocated within Lot Fourteen to the recently refurbished and renamed building, TechCentral, having collectively seen high growth over recent years; prompting the need for more space.

As one of the first companies to make the move into Stone & Chalk back in October 2019, Teamgage has been an active member of the startup hub’s vibrant and supportive community.

Offering a team engagement platform, Teamgage helps organisations lower staff turnover, reduce psychosocial hazards, manage change and improve culture.

Over the course of the company’s time at Lot Fourteen, Teamgage has doubled in size and revenue, allowing them to now help more teams around the world than ever before; including NEC, Renault and Evolution Mining.

Although proud to be working with global teams, the company’s biggest wins are closer to home. The first being its whole of government procurement contract, which allows any team in the South Australian Government to sign-up to Teamgage in a day – a process that previously took government agencies months.

The second being their IP partnership with the University of South Australia to eliminate workplace bullying – an issue effecting 1.1 million Australian workers, costing $36 billion in lost productivity. The Healthy Workplaces by Design program, developed by Professor Michelle Tuckey and powered by Teamgage, is reducing bullying complaints by 46 percent.

Teamgage say being based at Lot Fourteen has opened doors with industry for partnerships and client acquisition, as well as helping the company create relationships with investors at home and abroad.

Fellow TechCentral business and purpose-led software engineering firm, HutSix provides custom software solutions and consulting to a diverse range of clients, predominantly focusing on creating pathways for career progression in disadvantaged and regional areas.

Established in Alice Springs in 2012, the company’s decision to expand into South Australia was pivotal to the decision to embark on a tenancy at Lot Fourteen.

Starting out at Lot Fourteen in 2021 in a small capacity, allowed HutSix to become embedded in the ecosystem and begin to establish relationships across the district.

The company’s new Adelaide office marks a significant milestone as they continue to grow and expand reach across South Australia. Initially starting out with a team of two, the team has now expanded to four utilising the TechCentral office on a permanent basis, alongside three additional staff from the Northern Territory team who use the space regularly; with additional team members in Sydney and Canberra who collaborate virtually.

HutSix say its biggest win since establishing their presence at Lot Fourteen has been the ability for the company to increase its market presence and legitimacy; enabling them to strongly scale its team on the ground, and develop a strategy to attract, retain, and develop remote employees which has been essential to growth and development in the current climate.

Also starting out at Lot Fourteen in a small capacity, technology consulting company, Versent specialise in architecting, building and operating cloud-native applications, enabling data and insights, and securing platforms and services.

Founded in 2014, Versent has grown to more than 600 experts across seven locations nationally and internationally. In just over two years, the company has tripled their Lot Fourteen presence in size.

Since being at Lot Fourteen, Versent has helped several South Australian organisations modernise their tech stack, by shifting applications to the AWS platform. These cloud migration projects enable organisations to lower their TCO, realise operational efficiencies, minimise risk, and increase agility and flexibility to effectively support future business initiatives and growth.

Versent believes being a part of Lot Fourteen’s collaborative ecosystem has been instrumental in enabling the company to expand and thrive.

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