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A Lot Fourteen ‘collision’ sparks a deal forged in Silicon Valley boardrooms

Posted June 22, 2022

Hugh Rutherford, Splunk and Mohan Koo, DTEX Systems

Mohan Koo, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of DTEX Systems and Hugh Rutherford, Regional Sales Manager at Splunk set up offices at the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre in 2020.

Less than a year in and the two have spearheaded a global strategic partnership which made its way all the way up to the two companies’ Silicon Valley boardrooms. The negotiation and inking of the important deal will mean that global enterprises will be able to access superior data, helping them defend against the increasingly sophisticated and prolific issue of insider related cyber-attacks and breaches.

So, what does the partnership entail and what does it mean for companies in South Australia and beyond?

The partnership joins the world’s richest enterprise data source (DTEX) with the world’s best enterprise data platform (Splunk).

91 of the Fortune 100 uses Splunk, software accessed via UX-friendly dashboarding for searching, monitoring, and analysing machine-generated data.

Their product Splunk Enterprise Security (Splunk ES) – a security information and event management solution – will use DTEX’s context-rich and noise-free datasets.

Splunk ES enables security teams to quickly detect and respond to internal and external cyberattacks, to simplify threat management while minimising risk, and safeguarding businesses.

With better, richer and cleaner datasets, Splunk will be able to deliver superior services to their enterprise clients, with less reliance on ‘noisy’ data.

DTEX is the leading expert in Workforce Cyber Intelligence, empowering enterprises to work smarter and safer by focusing on the humans driving operations.

Splunk & DTEX have formed a strategic integration partnership to enable consolidation of the enterprise security stack, empowering customers to gain maximum return on investment.

Security consolidation will future-proof enterprises and offer advanced analytics and reports, accelerated response times and diminished manual operations.

Mike Barber, chief executive officer at the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre says that cyber security goes well beyond borders.

“International participation and partnerships are essential for future careers and jobs in our state.

“We’re incredibly proud of the Splunk and DTEX partnership and we hope it will inspire other entrepreneurs to collaborate and share information to build on our growing ecosystem, right here in South Australia.”

Mohan Koo, cofounder at DTEX Systems sees the partnership being helped along by the changes to workplaces over the last year.

“Since COVID, the playing field has been levelled.

“We have the ecosystem here at Lot Fourteen and Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre to bring together the biggest most powerful entrepreneurs, buyers, investors and mentors to super-charge our ecosystem and accelerate the growth trajectory of our startups.

“On site, we have these collision zones where the brightest minds in space, defence, cyber security, venture capital, AI and other hi-tech innovators collide and collaborate.”

Mohan, a former inaugural member of the Entrepreneurship Advisory Board is also an advisor to a number of startups at Lot Fourteen and a big advocate for the ecosystem benefits of the CBD-based innovation precinct.

Bringing together entrepreneurs and innovators from South Australia’s leading capabilities in space, defence, cyber and other hi-tech and creative industries is a key success metric for Lot Fourteen.

These ‘collision points’ of bright minds in one curated and collaborative ecosystem is core to the innovation precinct’s vision as it builds from 1,000 people undertaking business, working, researching and studying onsite to 6,000.

Visit their website to find out more.


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