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Full-stack Software Developer


Job Description

We're looking for full-stack (Java and React) developers to work with us on developing products and solutions for our public safety and security customers.

You'll be working in an Agile development environment on one or more of our web-based products and technologies, which include case management software and federated search solutions.

Key responsibilities include:
- Develop software to defined requirements and standards, and work with our product teams to deliver high quality solutions to our customers
- Develop back-end web services and front-end user interfaces, working collaboratively with our product team and customer representatives
- Develop and perform unit, system and integration testing of software components; and
- Contribute to the automation, deployment and support of software components.

Phone: (08) 7082 3883

About NQRY

Formed in 2018 as a spin-out from the Data to Decisions CRC, NQRY specialises in investigative tools, information discovery solutions and case management software for public safety and anti-fraud organisations. The software has been shaped from concept to creation by end users, with an emphasis on modern, easy to use and adaptable designs. NQRY delivers systems built from the ground up to meet the practical, real world needs of investigators and analysts, while drawing on innovative research in intelligent search, visualisation and data analytics.


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