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SpaceLab at Lot Fourteen sees fourfold increase in jobs

Posted January 30, 2023

High growth space companies based at Lot Fourteen’s newly named building, SpaceLab, have collectively seen a four-fold increase in new jobs created since moving to the innovation district.

QuantX Labs, Inovor Technologies, Sitael Australia, CyberOps and Neumann Space have all realised significant growth in just a couple of years, in part, due to co-location with the Australian Space Agency, SmartSat CRC and other space-related organisations in the district.

Quadrupling staff numbers has been no mean feat for the companies who work together in different capacities at their home in the SpaceLab building at Lot Fourteen.

The predominantly South Australian-owned companies, based in the former Hanson building, are also expanding their offices, lab spaces, cyber ranges and clean rooms to continue building world-leading technology, driving growth in South Australia’s space industry.

Premier of South Australia, Peter Malinauskas says SpaceLab is a prime example of how innovation districts are crucial in building South Australia’s world-class capabilities in key sectors.

“My Government is proud to invest in and support innovation right here in South Australia; driving the next generation of businesses and opportunities in the space sector.

“Today marks a milestone to celebrate the hard work and grit that goes into building companies, creating new jobs and stimulating the economy.”

The companies at Lot Fourteen not only have engineers and scientists on staff, ranging from optical and quantum physicists to mechanical, electronic, radio, cyber, software and aerospace engineers, but also operational team members and technicians to help support their rapid growth plans.

With over 100 space-related companies based in the state, South Australia is a centre-of-gravity for Australian space activity.

Dr Matthew Tetlow, chief executive officer at Inovor Technologies says, “SpaceLab has its own unique ecosystem as we all work together.”

“Being in a CBD-based innovation district, puts us at a distinct advantage as we’re co-located with our clients and partners, helping us innovate and continue to provide solutions to the defence and space sector.”

The space industry businesses and organisations at Lot Fourteen will forge strong connections with the future Australian Space Park, Australia’s first dedicated space manufacturing hub to be in South Australia.

CORE Innovation Hub also joined SpaceLab at the end of 2022.

Lot Fourteen’s Eleanor Harrald Building also has a new name: TechCentral. TechCentral serves as an industry collaboration hub, supercharging the cross-seeding of ideas, partnerships and jobs growth in the hi-tech and creative industries.

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