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Santa Claus is coming to … Lot Fourteen 🎅

Posted November 21, 2023

Santa Claus has landed as part of The Santa Course by City of Adelaide.

When you’ve got a job like Santa’s, it’s easy to get yourself in a bit of a tangle and tad of a tizzy – his duties take ‘responsibilities may vary’ to another level! Santa wears a lot of hats to get everything ready for Christmas, but this year he’s got his candy canes in a knot.

His different tasks are scattered all around Adelaide, and he’s left a magical trail in his wake on The Santa Course.

From North Adelaide to Rundle Mall you’ll find hats here, bells there, and ten giant Santa Claus everywhere!

Lot Fourteen’s ‘Santa the Wrapper’ is a sticky-tape tamer, an origami master, and a ribbon maestro. Throughout his career, he estimates he’s used enough paper to wrap the planet a dozen times. After years of practice, he’s mastered the art of wrapping, taping and folding almost anything you can imagine. Teddy bears are still his downfall – some things are just very tricky to wrap.

Come and say hi! 👋 and check out the full course, at: The Santa Course map 🎅🎁 🧸

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