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New CoLab to advance technologies for situational awareness

Posted December 2, 2020

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and edge computers are the key focus areas of a new Innovation Hub and CoLab at Lot Fourteen that will advance technologies for situational awareness.

It will be established by global technology company Codan in partnership with local innovation firm, 11point2.

The announcement forms part of the Codan strategy to invest in core and emerging technologies to future-proof the business with a pipeline of differentiated intellectual property.

Pictured at Lot Fourteen, from left, are: Stone & Chalk Adelaide General Manager Chris Kirk, Premier Steven Marshall, Codan Chief Technology Officer Rory Linehan, Lot Fourteen State Project Lead Diane Dixon and 11point2 Managing Partner Mark Ogden

Codan was founded in 1959 and is headquartered in South Australia. It develops technology to solve communications, safety, security and productivity problems in the harshest environments on earth. Codan’s customers include the world’s largest aid and humanitarian organisations, security and military groups, mining companies and governments.

Codan Chief Technology Officer Rory Linehan said the CoLab would focus on technology applications for situational awareness and leverage non-GPS based tracking and location.

“Key areas of research will include computer vision, radio frequency location techniques, machine learning and data fusion algorithms,” he said.

“Codan is well known for a track record of innovation and product development: the CoLab with 11point2 will accelerate that process and ensure we are working on relevant industry problems. The Innovation Hub will de-risk advanced technologies through research and proof of concept designs; with the CoLab driving market validation of key applications.”

“This announcement represents a significant investment in STEM and offers Codan an opportunity to recruit new research teams, further develop in-house talent and provide a platform for PhD research.”

Mr Linehan said 11point2 would bring an agile and entrepreneurial mindset that would turbo-charge Codan’s culture of innovation.

Started by deeply experienced entrepreneurs, 11point2 has established a Collaborative Entrepreneurial Innovation capability designed to help industry, government, entrepreneurs, universities, and investors properly understand problems and validate ideas to solve those problems. 11point2 applies an entrepreneurial mindset and execution to enable organisations to find and accelerate worthwhile ideas, the first step to sustained innovation success. They are 11point2 because 11.2 km/s is the escape velocity for an object to escape from the gravitational influence of the earth, reflecting their relentless focus on understanding if an idea put on the launch pad will succeed.

Mr Linehan said the CoLab would lead the market validation of new ideas by building and testing minimum viable propositions based on Codan’s advanced technology.

“This research and validation will build upon the significant core technology capability within the company and strengthen our technical differentiation through the next decade,” Mr Linehan said.

“The CoLab will enable us to access an extensive global network of entrepreneurs, tech start-ups and world-class research centres.”

11point2 Managing Partner, Mark Ogden said the 11point2 CoLab at Lot Fourteen would be critical to delivering successful collaborative entrepreneurial innovation for Codan.

“Stone & Chalk at Lot Fourteen is an important part of the 11point2 network providing national connectivity with entrepreneurs whose start-ups may have technology that aligns with our customer’s problems,” he said.

“When you include other organisations at Lot Fourteen such as MIT Bigdata Living Lab, the power of collaboration within the precinct to help solve complex problems is unique.”

Codan has a global footprint with offices in Canada, the USA, Ireland, the UAE and Brazil and its products are sold in more than 150 countries.

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