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MITRE Corporation eyes Lot Fourteen as a base for its first international applied research centre

Posted March 1, 2022

MITRE, a not for profit organisation and trusted partner of the US Government for applied research in matters of national security, has announced that it is launching its first international applied research centre. The Centre will be co-locating with DTEX Systems with a view to expanding at Lot Fourteen.

The MITRE Centre for Information Integrity & Defence will enable Australia to tap into decades of applied MITRE research conducted on behalf of the US Government to advance Australia’s sovereign capabilities.

The centre will be operational from the fourth quarter of 2022 and further cements South Australia as the drawcard for space, defence and cyber security in the Asia Pacific region.

(l-r) Rajan Koo (SVP Customer Engineering, DTEX), Dr. James Doodson (Lead Behavioral Scientist, MITRE), Mohan Koo (Co-Founder& CTO, DTEX), Julie Bowen (Chief Legal Officer and SVP Operations & Outreach, MITRE), Chris Folk (Director, Cybersecurity Policy & Strategic Partnerships, MITRE), Dr. Deanna Caputo (Chief Scientist, Behavioral Sciences & Cybersecurity, MITRE)

MITRE was initially attracted to South Australia in 2020 through the formation of the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre (A3C), a purpose-built facility at Lot Fourteen which enables trusted industry, academic and government organisations to work together in the interests of Australia’s national security.

MITRE has already partnered with a number of A3C members, including DTEX Systems, a global cyber security company founded in Adelaide, now headquartered in Silicon Valley.

As an example of that partnership, under a non-exclusive licensing agreement, MITRE and DTEX have already announced that they will deliver MITRE Inside-R ProtectTM, a set of data-driven, community-oriented service offerings to help industry and government organisations elevate their insider risk programs.

The offerings will place behavioral sciences at the forefront of advancing next-generation human-centric insider risk initiatives built upon MITRE’s 15 years of experience combining behavioural and technical sciences to help organisations more effectively deter, detect, and mitigate rapidly evolving insider threats.

The service will be offered to critical infrastructure entities in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand.

More recently, MITRE has partnered with the University of Adelaide in order to secure a top talent pipeline.

Planning is already underway for a talent and knowledge-transfer ‘twinning program’ between Adelaide, Silicon Valley, and Washington, DC, providing a unique opportunity for talented South Australians to fast-track a career in behavioural science and cyber security, alongside the world’s most established experts.

Julie Bowen, MITRE’s Senior Vice President for Operations and Outreach and Chief Legal Officer, commented, “we’ve been very impressed with the cyber security ecosystem building in Australia and particularly impressed with the talent and expertise in Adelaide.”

“The Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre illustrates what’s possible when the right mix of organisations comes together under one trusted roof.

“The precise curation of motivated and complementary technology organisations, underpinned by a melting-pot of talented and motivated expert individuals, makes Lot Fourteen the perfect epicentre for Space, Defence and Cybersecurity in the Asia Pacific region.

“We’re super excited to be launching MITRE’s first international centre here.”

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