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Experts share their favourite apps they use on the daily

Posted June 12, 2023

We love a good app. A time-saver, rather than a cyber hack of course. 

From Slack to Xero, Google to Microsoft; as busy entrepreneurs, researchers and those on the cutting edge, we’re all looking for apps that will make us twice as productive in half the time. 

To find out the new and best tech on the market, we went out to experts across the innovation district to see what they’re using… and we weren’t disappointed. Some of the apps we found were even created right here at Lot Fourteen! 

  1. LumaAI
    Alex Tolson, Founder, Lateral Vision
    Luma AI creates 3D models and environments from images taken with your phone! Pretty amazing that what once was expensive and required specialised tools, can now be done through an app.
  2. Podcast Index
    Mike Horton, Manager – SA Hub, Stone & Chalk Group
    Attention all podcast buffs – check out Podcast Index to see what podcast apps support creators to monetise their work, receive direct feedback from listeners, and drop ad-reads forever. Amazing!
  3. MinuteMe
    Carly Zeitz, Corporate Accountant, Apxium
    Cut down on talkfests with this nifty app invented to manage your meetings and slash boring admin. From automating your agenda creation and meeting notes, to sorting your notes into one tidy place – this is the ultimate productivity hack. MinuteMe was born out of the Startup Hub at Lot Fourteen.
  4. Futurepedia
    Fern Buranasak, Marketing Manager, Lot Fourteen
    A library for all AI tools, what’s not to love? It’s the place to discover new AI which makes work-life easier, adding a glimpse of the future to your day-to-day.
  5. Trello
    Mary Kelly, Founder, Reusably
    Trello is a game changer for managing startups! You can download all your ideas on this app – which can be accessed on a phone or desktop. Trello’s ‘boards’ are super visual; you can even set them up for personal use like holiday ideas and fun things to do, alongside business boards too.
  6. GPT
    Lyndsey Jackson, CEO & Co-founder, Platfarm
    My ambition is to get as many people in my hometown using GPT-4 or ChatGPT as possible. It’s accessible and democratised AI, and I use it for admin and research. I’m excited by the opportunities for helping small business, volunteer groups and young people in the regions to build future job skills.
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