SmartSat CRC Sundowner

Adelaide’s mission to become a “Space City” had a boost from an announcement that it will be the home of smart satellites. Alongside Space HQ — the Australian Space Agency — and the Mission Control and Space Discovery Centre, Adelaide will be the strategic and decision-making base of the SmartSat co-operative research centre (CRC). The SmartSat CRC is a space industry-focused Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) aimed at catapulting Australia into the global space industry through collaborative research and development. The CRC was recently awarded $55 million in federal government funding as well as over $190 million in cash and in-kind contributions from 85 participants from industry, government and academia.

The SmartSat CRC will catalyse the transformation and growth of Australia’s space industry with focussed activity in three key areas: advanced communications, intelligent satellite systems and next generation Earth Observation sensor technologies and analytics.

UniSA's Dean, Industry & Enterprise, Professor Andy Koronios, has played a key role in bidding for, winning and now establishing the CRC and is the CEO designate and will be the guest speaker.

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