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GRAVITY Challenge 02

Lot Fourteen are a proud partner of this exciting event. The GRAVITY Challenge is a national technology innovation program for corporates, entrepreneurs and universities to design and build solutions to real industry, social and environmental problems using space data and capability.

In 2020 Challengers and Innovators can come from either Australia or the UK and all Challengers and Innovators will be able to work together to create new solutions, regardless of geographic location.

The 2020 GRAVITY Challenge will run around a new nine-month structure, split into three phases, each 12 weeks long:

Phase 1 - Challenges (Challengers and Innovators recruited and Challenges set)

Phase 2 - Innovate (Innovators work to develop solutions, collaborating with Challengers)

Phase 3 - Pilot (Ongoing support and mentoring to commercialise solutions


The 2020 program will build on the success of GRAVITY 01 by targeting the following industry sectors:

• Mining and Energy Resources
• Defence, Security & Military
• Agriculture & Meteorology
• Banking & Insurance
• Telecommunications & Connectivity
• Health & Life Sciences
• Transportation, Logistics & Smart Cities
• Travel & Tourism

The space industry is on the cusp of significant growth. Opportunities to harness this growth exist within sectors where Australia already has competitive advantage or a compelling need.

Applicants are welcome to apply for challenges in any of the following eight industries and come up with gravity-defying solutions.

Keep in mind that each industry will have one or more challenges assigned to it but your solution may also address challenges in other industries.

Pick an industry, build a team, be imaginative and launch!

You can find our more or register here

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