Activation Space Screening Program

A curated program that blends art with innovation, and technology with new ideas.

Lot Fourteen are showcasing local talent and national artists from all cultural backgrounds in an ongoing monthly screening program.

This is a designated space where Lot Fourteen’s Community (residents and visitors) can consume culture in a relaxed setting, enhancing their experience of the physical world by creating a space where ideas are broken open and presented in a way that blurs the lines between innovation and entertainment.

You can view this months artists on the big screen in the Activation Space at Lot Fourteen, North Terrace.

- JULY -

This month’s program shines a spotlight on creative content made during, or responding to, the current global pandemic.

Microfilms (2020, Australian Dance Theatre)

Sophie Stuut from On My Own

Synopsis: Over the course of 5 weeks in isolation, the dancers of Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) created 8 short videos called Microfilms.

Working from home is a unique challenge when you’re a professional dancer. To adapt and use their creativity, the dancers were given a unique challenge to create short films using only the technology available to them and using the restrictions of isolation.

Working in partnership with Flinders University and the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, the dancers were guided by Film Production Honours student, Alice Reardon, under the mentorship of Film lecturer Tom Young, to create these iPhone films.

This time of isolation has allowed the dancers to learn the process of film making – from concept, treatment and storyboard through to filming and editing.

ADT partnered with Music SA to use music from local Adelaide artists for this project.


Archaeology for Lost Landscapes (4min 14sec)
Created and performed by Gabrielle Nankivell
Sound Design by Luke Smiles
Special thanks to Harrison Alexander Elliott

Untitled (3min 42sec)
Created and performed by Harrison Elliott
With special thanks to Gabrielle Nankivell, Wendy Nankivell and David Nankivell

Housebound (3min 56sec)
Created and performed by Kimball Wong
Music by DJ Tr!P, “Accurate Kung-Fu Master”

On My Own (2min 59sec)
Created and Performed by Sophie Stuut
Music by Luke Marshall, “On My Own”


Picnic Places (2020, 6min 35sec)
Robert Nugent – ACT

Synopsis: The Quality Of Sprawl and other tales. An experimental on-line documentary film series in development. Inspired by the science-fiction novel “roadside picnic” and the poems of Les Murray.

A series of short hybrid documentary films set around situations that exist on the margins of dominant narratives. Explorations are of places affected by bushfires, feral animals, dam sites, infra-structure projects such as prospective space-bases in the Kimberly and dam sites. In each episode an unseen voice, a “Stalker”, guides the viewer.

Episode 1. Picnic Places

The post-colonial landscapes, helpfully enabled for road-side dinning by the architects of the setter state, are de-populated. Only their aspirations remain, in the designs of their shelters. Lizards and birds look on at these vestiges of the civilising endeavour. The great emptiness preys on the imagination. The omnipresence of the alien force remains in the forms they left behind.

An explorer ’s video documentation tries to discern meaning in what they, the unseen aliens, discarded. Giant factories occasionally appear in the wilderness, seen from afar. There are artefacts; space junk, lawn mowers, wires, over engineered items left over from the cult-of-iron.

The explorer’s encounters are interpreted by a distant researcher, the first “Stalker”. In a lecture the voice of a Polish archeologist sets out the explorer’s fragmentary record and speculates on its purpose.

Artist Bio: Rob is an experienced filmmaker and the director of viafilm, based from Canberra, who previously worked for the United Nations in Afghanistan and Cambodia (1991 - 2000) and the Central Land Council in Alice Springs (1986 - 1990).

Rob is a skilled director, cinematographer, sound and video editor. He has a long-standing interest in creative ethnographies and the poetics of observational cinematography.

He was a Visiting Fellow at the Consortium for Research and Information Outreach (CRIO) and then the Digital Humanities Lab at the Australian National University from 2009 - 2012.


ISOlapse (2020, 1min 21sec)
Bryan Mason – SA

Synopsis: When the days merge together there is a beauty to be found in the day to day.

Artist Bio: Bryan Mason is a multi-skilled director of Closer Productions. An award-winning editor and cinematographer, he shot, edited and produced the Sundance and Berlin award winning 52 Tuesdays for which he won the Screen Editors of Australia award for best feature. He won an Australian academy award for his editing on feature documentary Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure, which is also co-produced. In 2018, he shot and edited Sophie Hyde's feature Animals, the first official Irish/Australian co-production, starring Alia Shawkat and Holliday Grainger, which premiered at Sundance 2019. Bryan edited the SBS series The Hunting, the feature film My Tehran for Sale (TIFF and Pusan film festivals 2009) the first Australian/Iranian feature film and feature documentaries Sam Klemke’s Time Machine, which premiered at Sundance in 2015, Embrace, a documentary about body image, Mother With A Gun which premiered internationally on Netflix and second In My Blood It Runs, which premiered at HotDocs 2019 and will soon screen on PBS (USA), ARTE (Germany/France) and ABC (Aust).

He produced, shot and edited the ABC iView series Fucking Adelaide, as well as actor Tilda Cobham-Hervey’s directorial debut, the dramatised documentary A Field Guide to Being a 12-Year Old, which won the Crystal Bear for best short film in the Generations K Plus program at Berlinale. He directed, shot and edited documentary Life in Movement, winner of the Australian documentary prize.


Stay Home, Stay Sanitiser (2020, 55sec)
Hebe Sayce - SA

Synopsis: Living in isolation in the midst of a global pandemic feels a bit like making a home inside a sanitiser bottle…

Artist Bio: I am a freelance artist from Adelaide, South Australia, predominantly working in the visual and dramatic arts. I have always been passionate about art and seek to tell stories through my work. In my visual art I predominantly work from hand, creating surrealist graphite or ink scenes. I love the intimacy and the challenge of permanence when hand crafting my art, however, over the last couple of years I have enjoyed experimenting with digital art. My commitment to different media and styles has seen me pick up a range of commission work, from creating album covers and t-shirt designs, to comics, wall hangings and even pet portraits.

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