The Neighbours

Lot Fourteen’s state-of-the-art facilities and diverse range of spaces for residents are home to innovators, pioneers, ground-breakers and thought leaders in a host of emerging and fast-evolving industries, including defence, space, artificial intelligence, cyber-security and creative industries.

Here, the world’s leading names in new technologies and defence, sit alongside visionary start-ups, perceptive entrepreneurs and, of course the Australian Space Agency, to share knowledge and build valuable networks.


Artisan Post Group

A post-production company that employs the latest technology to enhance visuals and sound in film, television and streaming content.

Australian Computer Society

ACS delivers authoritative independent knowledge and technology insights, building relevant technology capacity and capability that catalyses Australian innovation and speeds the adoption of technology for the benefit of commerce, government and society.

Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML)

With a focus on high-quality, high-impact research, AIML is leading the way in developing high-tech AI products and solutions, and transforming the way that we live for the better.

Australian Space Agency

The new home of Australia’s space exploration and research, Lot Fourteen will house the Australian Space Agency. This will create a focal point for space-related businesses and organisations – both local and international – putting them in prime position to seize on valuable opportunities within the global space market.

Chamonix IT Solutions

Chamonix partners with clients to achieve and maintain the most up-to-date digital technology in the workplace.


Convergen is a digital agency that specialises in bringing the visuals of major infrastructure works to life.

Core Energy and Resources

Bringing distinctive industry knowledge, a global perspective and an Australian focus, Core Energy and Resources specialise in energy and resource market intelligence.

Cortex Interactive

Embracing creativity to deliver engaging solutions that leverage the latest in technologies, Cortex Interactive helps businesses to overcome communication challenges by designing immersive and enjoyable experiences.


Daitum is an Australian-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) company born out of the vision to make decision analytics more accessible.

Defence Teaming Centre Inc.

Defence Teaming Centre Inc. (DTC) is a national defence sector membership organisation that supports and develops Australian industry to be more competitive and meet the needs of defence.

Defence and Space Landing Pad

Founded with a vision to support businesses of any size to establish a footprint in Australia, the Defence and Space Landing Pad allows defence and space companies to begin their business journey in South Australia.

Dtex Systems

Dtex provides organisations across the globe with the complete, user-focused visibility needed to strengthen enterprise security and more effectively manage insider threats. Dtex’s Enterprise User Intelligence combines high-fidelity user activity data with machine learning and advanced analytics to pinpoint anomalies in real time, elevate areas of risk, generate actionable insights, and provide answers quickly.

EasyMile Pty Ltd

A pioneer in driverless mobility, EasyMile revolutionises passenger and goods transportation. It develops and deploys autonomous mobility solutions worldwide based on vehicles manufactured by recognised industrial partners.

exposé: Data Exposed 

Exposé is a data and analytics consulting firm delivering business focused outcomes. Organisations in today's evolving market need the ability to react quickly and efficiently – Exposé help them leverage data, IoT, AI and smart analytics to drive that success'. 

Inovor Technologies

Inovor Technologies is a leader in space technology, providing specialist development services and advanced satellite mission solutions to a range of clients and industries including defence and commercial customers.

Jumpgate VR

A virtual reality studio that specialises in development and production of original VR content, Jumpgate VR opens up the new worlds of virtual reality.

Life Whisperer

Life Whisperer employs non-invasive, Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven image analysis to improve the selection of viable embryos for IVF implantation and ultimately improve outcomes for couples wanting to have children.

MIT bigdata Living Lab

The MIT bigdata Living Lab will bring together the public, private and research sectors to analyse big data to determine the most effective ways for South Australia to grow the economy and drive sustainable population growth.


Global leaders in secure, low-cost and low-power, data connectivity, Myriota pioneers new ways to retrieve information from anywhere on earth, through its constellation of nanosatellites.

Neumann Space

Neumann Space develops in-space propulsion systems for satellites and their innovative product gives satellites an edge by saving energy spent on common mission manoeuvres.

Office of the South Australian Chief Entrepreneur

Delivering a new platform and home for entrepreneurship in the state, the Office of the South Australian Chief Entrepreneur helps those with imagination turn great ideas into outstanding successes.


Presagen partners with medical institutes to co-create web-based medical imaging software for specific diagnostic problems, which can then be delivered at scale and at low cost.


RADventures invests in entrepreneurial individuals and businesses with game changing ideas both in Australia and abroad.

Resilient Asia Pacific

An information and communications technology solutions and services company providing innovative and highly flexible customer solutions in the cloud or on premises. Services include server design, storage consolidation, data migration , network design, architectural planning and solution design services.

Sitael Australia

Sitael is an innovative company leading the development of next-generation small satellites. It designs, builds and tests small satellites for a broad range of missions including research and development, communications, earth observation and remote asset management.

SmartSat CRC

The SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre brings together over 100 national and international partners who have invested, along with the Federal Government, $245 million in R&D over seven years. Working closely with the Australian Space Agency, SmartSat CRC will make a contribution to the Australian Government’s goal of tripling the size of the space sector to $12 billion and creating up to 20,000 jobs by 2030.

Priority industry sectors for SmartSat CRC include telecommunications, agriculture and natural resources, transport and logistics, mining, and defence and national security.

Stone & Chalk

Founded in fintech in 2015, Stone & Chalk is a not-for-profit organisation with a proven track record in developing successful growth and support frameworks for emerging tech sector startups.

Stone & Chalk bring together founders, investors, industry and government stakeholders and mentors into one powerful Impact Network™ which drives growth, recognition and commercialisation.


SYPAQ is an innovative engineering and systems integration company, committed to creating a world that works. It helps people, societies and enterprises everywhere to be more productive, prosperous, secure and sustainable.

Residents Coming Soon

Mission Control Centre and Australian Space Discovery Centre

Lot Fourteen will also feature the ground-breaking Mission Control Centre and the Questacon partnered Australian Space Discovery Centre. Open to school groups, universities, organisations and business, the Australian Space Discovery Centre will provide a unique and up-close insight into the science, technology, engineering and mathematics that form the critical backbone to any space project, through interactive programs, training and simulation.

The Mission Control Centre will provide the facilities and technology to support small satellite missions, through real-time control, testing and development.

Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre (A3C)

The centre will support startups, scale-ups and existing businesses to launch new products and services into global markets. 

This capability will create a nation-leading cyber ecosystem in South Australia that contributes to economic growth through new skills, new enterprises, new customers and new investment.

Future Residents

Entrepreneur and Innovation Centre & Innovation Hub

Commanding prime position in the heart of the neighbourhood, the purpose-built Lot Fourteen Innovation Centre will provide a world leading facility for the delivery of seamless industry and research collaboration with the reassurance of a Secured Compartmented Information Facility for highly sensitive and confidential projects, along with a proposed Graphic Processing Unit giving residents access to vastly superior computer processing speeds. Additionally, this smart technology centre will offer highly adaptable demonstration spaces to showcase the incredible advances in technology, industry and research that established global companies and the next generation of entrepreneurs are bringing to life at Lot Fourteen.

Aboriginal Art and Cultures Centre

Against the backdrop of the breathtaking Adelaide Botanic Garden, the Aboriginal Art and Cultures Centre will provide an inspiring, informative and important insight into the world’s oldest living culture. Here, the art, music, language, culture and spirituality of the first Australians will be honoured and celebrated.

It will combine works from nationally significant collections, the living culture and traditional knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and showcase new voices through digital art and emerging technology.

International Centre for Food, Hospitality and Tourism Studies

A fully integrated, world-class learning facility in the heart of Australia’s food and wine capital, the International Centre for Food, Hospitality and Tourism Studies will become the destination of choice for those seeking to learn from the best, and graduate with the skills and qualifications to launch a career that can take them to the world’s most renowned establishments.


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