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Lot Fourteen is a collaborative ecosystem making a global impact by accelerating innovation, entrepreneurship, research, education, culture and tourism.

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To find the location of a tenant at Lot Fourteen click the building name in the list below or the building location on the map adjacent. If you are visiting Lot Fourteen refer to the visitor map below and follow relevant SA COVID-19 restrictions and responsibilities here.

Visitor Map

We welcome visitors to explore Lot Fourteen, superbly positioned on the North Terrace cultural boulevard in Adelaide’s central business district. If you are visiting Lot Fourteen download the precinct map and follow relevant SA COVID-19 restrictions and responsibilities here.

For visitors with restricted mobility please see the restricted mobility access points for buildings in the map below. This also shows designated passenger pick-up and drop-off point for vehicles which is located at Ayers House driveway on the southern side of North Terrace and across the road from Lot Fourteen. This is a 24 hour access zone.

To travel to Lot Fourteen have the driver enter Ayers House into their GPS to find their way straight to the passenger pick-up and drop-off point. There is strictly no stopping allowed on the northern side of North Terrace

Lot Fourteen Location (Google Map)


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