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Job Listing

Infrastructure & Networking Support Consultant

Chamonix IT Solutions

Job Description

Assist in network design and implementation.
Provide network support with a variety of network equipment such as switches, firewalls, routers, wireless access points
Implement security mechanisms such as firewall policies, access-control lists, IPS/IDS, port security, DHCP snooping, dynamic ARP inspection etc.
Provide network support to users.
Develop and monitor policies for the use of network resources.
Implement and manage disaster recovery and back-up.
Evaluate and recommend security improvements and system upgrades.
Monitor network to ensure optimal performance.
Create and maintain network users/permissions.
Create technical support documentation for systems and applications.

About Chamonix IT Solutions

Chamonix is South Australia’s pre-eminent IT solutions partner, working with growing and established organisations alike to help them achieve and maintain competitive advantage through digital transformation. Chamonix has been enabling customers for the past decade through a range of capabilities, including advisory, implementation and ongoing support.


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