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Full Stack Developer


Job Description

Are you ready to help us ignite the world’s innovation potential and play a key role in validating worthwhile ideas that contribute to the greater good? We are looking for a curious, energetic, humble human that strives to be elite at what they love doing, to join our growing team.

As a Full Stack Developer, you will play an important role in the process of validating ideas through the 11point2 CoLab, and continuously improving our internal knowledge and systems that enable us to operate at an elite level. You will be comfortable around both front-end and back-end coding languages, development frameworks and third-party libraries. However, you will rarely (if ever) be required to create fully fledged websites or mobile applications.

When working as part of an Idea Validation Squad to validate an idea, you will lead many of the software development activities. Your focus will be to leverage available tools and services to rapidly demonstrate the viability of different worthwhile ideas. This will inevitably require a combination of writing some custom code from scratch, finding code snippets from Stack Overflow etc. and using online or fully functional tools.

At other times, you will be thinking critically about emerging technologies and global trends, adding insights to the CoLab Themes knowledge base, and improving how we use the technologies and tools that enable the 11point2 entrepreneurial method of validating worthwhile ideas. You should also be a team player with a knack for visual design and human centered design. Note that we are more interested in how quickly you learn than in what programming languages you have already mastered.

About 11point2

Born out of 25 years of working on the genesis and validation of ideas, 11point2 is a pioneer in supplying entrepreneurial founder mindset and agility to corporations and government. As an Idea Validation company, we connect unobvious dots to create clarity within the chaos of transformative, disruptive innovation - to conceive and rapidly validate ideas that would otherwise never have been found.


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