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Smart Cities Week APAC

SmartCities Council
Tuesday 06 to Friday 09 August 2024, 9:00AM — 3:30PM

Smart Cities Week APAC: A Deep Dive into the Future of Urban Innovation

Smart Cities Week APAC brings together the leading global policymakers, thought leaders, academics, researchers, philanthropists and corporations to build capability, capacity and cross-sector collaboration to deliver global positive social, environmental and economic outcomes.​ Join us in Adelaide from August 6-9. 

Tuesday: Key Vertical Deep Dives

Join us on Tuesday for a comprehensive exploration of crucial industry verticals. From 9 AM to 3:30 PM, delve into sessions including panels, use case presentations, and workshops curated by leading experts. Gain insights from these distinguished thought leaders:

  • Tourism: Ferran Donate, SCC LATAM and Smart Tourism Lead, will guide discussions on the future of tourism in smart cities.
  • Health and Aged Care: Kane Pryzibilla will address the latest advancements and challenges in health and aged care sectors.
  • Buildings and Infrastructure: Learn from SCC task forces and experts like Mark Verheyen and John Brooks on smart, safe, and sustainable infrastructure.
  • Transport and Mobility: Explore innovative solutions for urban mobility and transportation.
  • Resources and Utilities: Discuss the future of resource management and utility services in smart cities.
  • Public and Life Safety: Steve Cercone and Nathan Brown will share their expertise on enhancing public safety through smart technologies.

Wednesday: World Day

World Day offers a unique overview of key topics from various regions, followed by nine breakout sessions. The day will conclude with all participants reconvening to share insights. Highlights include:

  • Regional Communities: Brook Dixon from Delos Delta will discuss strategies for empowering regional communities through smart technologies.
  • Charity and Philanthropy: Michael Hund, CEO of EB Research Partnership, will share his vision on the intersection of technology and philanthropy.
  • Indigenous Communities: Murray Saylor of Tagai Management Consultants will focus on the integration of Indigenous perspectives in smart city planning.

Thursday: Tech Day

Thursday is dedicated to technological advancements, featuring ten streams covering the latest trends and innovations:

  • Startups: Discover groundbreaking ideas from emerging companies.
  • Blockchain: Explore blockchain technology’s potential to transform urban infrastructure.
  • Autonomous Mobility: Learn about the future of self-driving vehicles and their impact on cities.
  • AI / ML: Dive into artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in urban environments.
  • Cybersecurity: Hear from experts like Michelle Price, Junaid Islam, and Tom Pennington on safeguarding smart cities.
  • Digital Twin: Dan Isaacs from the Digital Twin Consortium will discuss the future of digital twin technology.
  • Digital Engineering: Examine the role of digital engineering in urban development.
  • Space: Understand the expanding role of space technology in urban planning.
  • Defence: Explore the intersection of smart cities and defense technologies.
  • AR, VR, Gaming: Discover the impact of augmented reality, virtual reality, and gaming on urban experiences.

Featured Thought Leaders

Smart Cities Week APAC will feature many of SCC’s esteemed experts, including:

  • Junaid Islam: Secure Communications Expert and SCC Digital Trust Lead
  • Steve Cercone: Global Public Safety Lead, SCC
  • Kok Chin Tay: Regional Lead, SCC, and ASEAN Executive Director
  • Michael Hund: CEO of EB Research Partnership
  • Michelle Price: Global Cybersecurity Risk Lead, SCC
  • Imelda Alexopoulos: Global Space Lead, SCC
  • Dr. Fanni Melles: SCC Global Youth Engagement Lead
  • Murray Saylor: Global First Nations Lead, SCC

Why Attend?

Smart Cities Week APAC is a premier event that showcases cutting-edge thought leadership and brings together global experts, industry leaders, and key stakeholders to advance smart city initiatives. Hosted in Adelaide, this event leverages South Australia’s premier innovation hubs to provide an unparalleled experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and collaborate on the future of smart cities.

For more information and to register, visit Smart Cities Week APAC.

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Robyn Francis
Events and Engagement Lead
Smart Cities Council
[email protected]

Join us in Adelaide from August 5-9, 2024, for an unforgettable journey into the future of urban innovation!

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