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Industrial Applications for the Metaverse Forum

Presented By: Department for Trade and Investment

9.00 am – 3.15 pm ACST
Lot Fourteen
Eleanor Harrald Building
Frome Road
Adelaide, SA 5000
This one-day event will explore how the metaverse is much more than just entertainment and immersive digital content.

The metaverse is described as the convergence of virtual and physical realities, persistent virtual spaces, or a digital twin of our own world overlayed with decentralised economics and a new world of digital assets, their management and markets. Much like how the introduction of the internet changed the world for the better, the metaverse holds the potential to benefit all facets of life.

Hear from the metaverse technology providers and research leaders along with discussions on how it will be used in the future. These include remote operations, virtual collaboration, visually exploring and analysing data, managing high-end engineering projects, optimising systems, human-machine interfaces in advanced manufacturing and the creation and management of digital assets.

Prof. Caroline McMillen AO, Chief Scientist for South Australia
Steven Levine, Sr Director, Virtual Human Twin & Founder, Dassault Systemes
Lee Hickin, National CTO, Microsoft
Prof. Mark Billinghurst, Deputy Director, IVE, University of South Australia
Michael Lang, Solutions Architecture Manager, NVIDIA
John Biviano, Regional Director SAPAC, Unity Technologies
Dr. Matt Adcock, Director, Data 61 Immersive Environments Lab

Panel Discussion 1 – The Metaverse in the Health Sector
Craig Martin (SA Pathology), Jerome Wahl (Dassault Systemes), David Morris (SA Virtual Care Service)

Panel Discussion 2 – Local Industry Metaverse Applications
Sam Hodge (Kognat), Rhys Sandery (Monkeystack), Gayan Ediriweeia, Dr. Marissa Bond (Lumination)


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