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Hosting an event

Lot Fourteen has a variety of collaboration and event spaces available for the Lot Fourteen community or for industry and business events that align with the precinct as a centre for innovation, entrepreneurship, education and culture.

Lot Fourteen hosts forward thinking and inspiring events that promote innovation and collaboration and provide enterprise and cultural experiences at the next level.

Collaboration and event spaces are available for Lot Fourteen tenants and may be available to external organisations proposing events, workshops or programs that align with Lot Fourteen as a global precinct  of innovation, entrepreneurship, research, education, culture and tourism across our focus industry sectors of defence, space, hi-tech and creative industries.

These spaces are available to hire as a venue only and all audio-visual, catering and other event logistics and equipment will need to be arranged by the event organiser.

Lot Fourteen Spaces

Stone & Chalk Adelaide Event Spaces

Stone & Chalk can bring your events to life, whether you’re looking for expert support to turn your idea into a reality, or simply the right space to activate your event. Experience an electric innovation culture that fosters collaboration, learning and community.


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