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Entrepreneurial Talks: Fireside Chat with Elaine Stead

Presented By: 11Point2 + Stone & Chalk

5.00pm to 7.00pm | Free Event | All welcome
Stone & Chalk Adelaide
Allied Health Building
Lot Fourteen
North Terrace
Adelaide SA 5000

Join 11point2 and Stone & Chalk for a fireside chat series with leading entrepreneurial and innovative thinkers. This is an opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded people.

This month, George Freney, 11point2 co-founder, will chat with Elaine Stead, Managing Director at Human VC. Her investment track record extends to over 80 startups across Australia, the United States and South East Asia. Across over two decades in the innovation sector, Elaine has been a serial entrepreneur, founding medtech company Reproductive Health Science and Blue Sky VC a subsidiary of Blue Sky Alternative investments, Human VC and Artefact ventures.

11point2 is an Idea Validation company, who connects unobvious dots to create clarity within the chaos of transformative, disruptive innovation. They enable organisations to conceive and rapidly validate ideas they would otherwise never have found.

Event Format:
5:00pm - Drinks and Nibbles

5:15pm - Fireside Chat (in-person and online)

About the Fireside Chat Series:

The event will commence with drinks and nibbles at Stone & Chalk at 5:00pm, every second Thursday of the month. The fireside chat will then begin at 5.15pm. You'll also have the chance to meet residents from the multitude of start-ups at Stone & Chalk, along with interesting people doing interesting things that form part of the 11point2 network.

About 11point2:

11point2 exists to fearlessly get ahead of the world’s problems with people who care. We are a diverse group of unconstrained thinkers and builders who know that idea validation is the first, most important step in innovation. Some proven entrepreneurs and some road-tested corporate types, all focused on uncovering and validating new ideas for you, your organization, and society as a whole.

Today is where tomorrow is made. Whether you want to become a partner, a mentor, a resident, an investor, host an event or join the Fireside Chat mailing list, click HERE to get in touch and make success happen.


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