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Charting New Waters – A Conversation about AUKUS

American Chamber of Commerce in Australia
Playford Hotel - North Terrace Adelaide
Tuesday 02 July 2024, 11:45AM — 2:00PM

AUKUS is opening doors for South Australian defence businesses to participate in major projects, enhancing the state’s defence capabilities and stimulating economic growth and job creation. AUKUS also strengthens diplomatic ties between South Australia and its partner nations US and UK, fostering greater international collaboration and positioning the state as a key player in global security initiatives.

Hear from our AUKUS experts on the opportunities for knowledge exchange and technological advancements, particularly in fields such as maritime engineering and renewable energy, further solidifying South Australia’s reputation as a hub for innovation and expertise.

Speakers include Sir Nick Hine, Head of AUKUS for Babcock, VA Jonathan Mead from Australian Submarine Agency, Paddy Gregg from Austal and Libby Day from Defence Teaming Centre.

This not to be missed event will discuss how the future of our surface fleet and submarines will bolster South Australia’s economy, security, and international standing.

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