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Bullet-proofing Software Builds (Adelaide)

Lot Fourteen, corner of Frome Road and North Terrace, Adelaide
Thursday 22 February 2024, 5:30PM — 7:00PM

Join ACS for an insightful discussion on building reliable pipelines in software development! Explore the challenges and solutions in automating builds and deployments, understanding how choices in architecture and technology impact reliability. Gain valuable insights to enhance your build processes and approach software development with confidence.

In this session you will learn about:
•    The importance of CI/CD pipelines
•    Common examples of build pipeline failures
•    Internal and external factors that can affect the reliability of pipelines

Key takeaways
•    Understand strategies that can help with diagnosing build failures
•    Learn useful tips for making build pipelines more reliable

All SA Members are encouraged to attend not just to gain valuable CPD points, but to help reinvigorate state-based events. The Branch team look forward to meeting you in person.

Find out more via the link above.

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Corner North Terrace and Frome Road
Adelaide 5000
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