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Technology and Security

Leading technology and security infrastructure at Lot Fourteen will ensure that our tenants are connected and protected.

Technology and Security

The Lot Fourteen Technology and Security Strategy will outline the extent of next-generation technology and security leadership proposed for the precinct.  

Tenants at Lot Fourteen will be able to benefit from:

  • Precinct digital infrastructure which will facilitate or enable innovative “Smart Cities” projects for improved workability, productivity and sustainability;

  • 5G service provision to enable the development of new and innovative technology solutions reliant on the highspeed wireless network;

  • High speed, high capacity precinct-wide public Wi-Fi available to tenants and visitors to Lot Fourteen;

  • Communications pathways and infrastructure to facilitate multiple fibre links through the precinct and provide fast networks for all tenants and telecommunications providers;

  • Secure information facilities for tenants with specific requirements to facilitate voice and data communication requiring various levels of sensitivity and resilience;

  • Cloud services and off-site data centre connectivity;

  • Security Protocols for tenants including:

    • Cyber Security

    • Counter Foreign Interference

    • Physical Infrastructure

  • Precinct digital software for enhanced user and visitor experience and connectivity including:

    • Digital signage & wayfinding

    • Community Portal


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