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SmartSat CRC

The SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre is transforming Australia’s space innovation ecosystem for our future prosperity through research which creates game-changing technologies and generating know-how that will make our industries more competitive and future-proof the jobs of all Australians.

About SmartSat CRC

The SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre is a consortium of over 100 national and international university, research and industry partners who have invested over $190 million, along with $55 million in Australian Government funding under the Cooperative Research Centres Program, in a $245 million research effort over seven years. 

SmartSat CRC will develop know-how and technologies in advanced telecommunications and IoT connectivity, intelligent satellite systems and Earth observation next generation data services. The impact of this research will be to develop intellectual property and a specialist industry expertise that will spawn new businesses, create export economic value and generate new high-tech jobs for all Australians.

The SmartSat Aurora

The SmartSat Aurora (the Australian Space Start-up Cluster) has been established, comprising more than 60 space start-ups which will be given significant support from the SmartSat partners to grow their business and become globally competitive.

In January 2021 it was announced that the SmartSat CRC will lead the ground-breaking $6.5 million Government of South Australia funded SASAT1 Space Services Mission and application prototyping. 


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