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Lot Fourteen is designed for collaboration.

Throughout the precinct are common spaces for shared work and socialising, and others for just working quietly. We also have event spaces, boardrooms, meeting and conference rooms and café and bar where people can network and connect.

Rooms and Facilities

Centrally managed, shared common areas allow employees flexibility throughout their workday and the opportunity to network with people from other companies to exchange new, innovative ideas and inspire collaboration. 

Open kitchen and lounge spaces are expertly designed to foster connections and build a sense of community and abound with natural light and green plants to enhance the sense of wellbeing and productivity.

Lot Fourteen offers workable space solutions and great amenities that keep our tenants connected and remain focussed on their business.

Our curated precinct program of business and social activity brings people together to foster knowledge exchange and build connections.

Meeting and Conference Rooms

Different sizes and configurations of our meeting rooms that are easily booked using our centralised desktop and mobile app booking platform, can cater to a variety of different business needs from team meetings, client and investor presentations or a formal Board meeting.

Videoconferencing technology in many rooms makes it easy to connect with remote colleagues and customers. 

Smaller rooms are available for solo working, taking a phone call or simply to focus quietly. 


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